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Video Intercom Installation

Enhance Home and Office Security with Video Intercom Installation

When it comes to safeguarding your home or office, compromise is not an option. To ensure your safety, monitoring who enters and exits your premises is crucial. Whether it’s your residence, office, or shop, every location demands a secure environment. For larger areas, intercom systems can be a game-changer.

Imagine being in the farthest room of your house when the doorbell rings. Without an intercom system, you wouldn’t know who’s on the other side of the door, making it hard to determine if the visitor is welcome.

A video intercom system, however, keeps you informed about every visitor at your door. With a video intercom, each room inside your home can display the visitor, providing complete safety when opening the door.

At 360isecutity, we prioritize your safety with the best entry and exit protection. Especially if you have kids or elderly individuals living alone, an intercom system is a must. In addition, businesses, schools, shops, hospitals, and various other establishments benefit from ensuring safe entry and exit.

For intercom installation, our end-to-end services ensure a hassle-free experience. Our team of professionals offers timely services and responds promptly to your inquiries and requirements. We stand out as an excellent choice for professional intercom installers near you, offering affordable prices for our services.

Types of Intercom Systems We Install:

  1. Audio/Video Intercom Systems: Ideal for homes and offices, this system provides a visual image of the guest at the door and enables verbal communication to verify the purpose of the visit.
  2. Telephone Entry Systems: Perfect for internal office or shop communication, this device facilitates seamless communication between various departments.
  3. Wireless (IP Based) or Wired Intercom Systems: We offer both wired and wireless intercom options, tailored to your specific needs.
  4. Room-to-Room Intercom: For inter-room communication in offices, houses, hospitals, schools, and more, we install room-to-room intercom devices.
  5. Doorbell Buzzer Systems: Our experts install sleek and smart-looking doorbell buzzer intercoms, preserving your outdoor aesthetics.

Our Range of Services:

  1. Pre Installation Assessment: Our experts visit your premises to determine the most suitable intercom device, ensuring it enhances both functionality and aesthetics.
  2. Custom Design: Our skilled engineers can customize devices to meet your exact requirements, turning your dreams into reality.
  3. Quality Installation: We ensure a seamless installation process, utilizing top-quality intercom devices at a reasonable price. Our experienced professionals guarantee the best installation for your premises.

IP Intercom Models:
Explore our latest IP Intercom systems, capable of mobile connectivity through apps, enabling real-time communication with live video from anywhere with an internet connection.

1MP Digital Slim Door station and 7″ touch screen,

Video Intercom Installation





Security Camera Installation:
In addition to intercoms, we provide high-quality security camera installation services throughout Victoria, offering cost-effective CCTV systems.

360isecutity is a trusted name in the field of intercom installation services, known for our reasonable prices and high-quality services. If you’re seeking intercom installation solutions near you, choose us, and we’ll be delighted to assist.”

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