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Security Camera Installation

Want to have a Security Camera and Alarm installed in your home, office, or business premises professionally? If yes, you come to the right place!

Our company 360isecurity is committed to installing seamless CCTV and Alarm installation that will wow you! No matter whether it is a small or a large Security System installation to be had in the most complex settings, you can keep your fingers crossed that your job will be carried out the best way by our full-fledged security systems installers. So, call us today at 0420 438 786 or email us at Info@360isecurity.com and we will let you know how surprisingly affordable it can be to get the peace of mind you want.

You can actually get peace of mind learning that you are hiring a time-honored and leading CCTV installation company in Melbourne. Our technicians pride themselves in delivering comprehensive delight and satisfaction to our customers. We install CCTV security systems for residential people, corporate officials, and commercial businesspersons throughout Melbourne. Our proficient CCTV installers have made a mark throughout Melbourne with their unrivaled performance.

Below are some installation packages which we offer for our valuable customers. They can be changed as well as per request. We have a range of different make models. But this model is one of the top in the market. they are all package 6MP IP cameras


Our Security Camera And Alarm installation process includes:

Free Consultation

Our CCTV technicians will first do a comprehensive on-site evaluation of the site or setting where CCTV is to be installed. After all, they will work out a design that fits the target security system as well as your personal needs and preferences. Our security review will comprise impeccable placement of security cameras and the criteria to meet the specifications required to achieve your expectations. We will render you with a no-brainer estimate that is inclusive of the total cost of running all the low-voltage power, video cables, recording devices, installation of the security cameras, network configuration, and DVR including optimal motion detection settings and notification. Also, the cost is inclusive of the training of the comprehensive system including remote access via laptops and Smartphone devices.

Scheduled Installation

Once you acknowledge the specifications of the installation procedure, we will apprise you of the installation schedule and assign a team to carry out the installation. Unlike a number of security systems installing companies, we expedite the process of scheduled installation without causing any inconvenience to our customers.

your security camera and alarm installation

Our technicians will turn up on the scheduled date to install your surveillance system. They will do their utmost to ensure that their job does not bottleneck your residential or business operations. The CCTV installation will typically start with the running of the low-voltage cables. Subsequently, the security cameras will be mounted, placed, and configured. The following step will be the head end, where our technicians will install the CCTV power supplies and the recording device.

Networking and configuration

After the process of the physical installation is out and out complete, the technicians will connect the DVR or NVR to your network, and configure your router to facilitate you to get access to your cameras from virtually any part of the globe. The facilitation will also include the installation of the smartphone applications on any Smartphone mobile device and a test of the overall system.


The final phase of the installation is training We will train up you as if how to use the system exactly, how to look for and download video recordings, and how you can get access to your security cameras from a far place. In the meantime, we will make all possible revisions in camera positioning and configurations.

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If you are interested in seamless security camera and alarm installation by true professionals, call us with confidence on 0420 438 786 or email us at Info@360isecurity.com

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