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Alarm System Installation

Alarm System Installation

Providing top-notch protection and security to the valuables you have at your home or office should be your topmost priority. A considerable number of people resort to installing an alarm system at their homes and offices to prevent intrusion and minimize the risk of theft of expensive materials. You can keep burglars away from entering your home or office when you consider installing a licensed and top-grade alarm system.

With significant technological advancement, the security alarm systems available these days function productively and instantly inform homeowners or business owners whenever there is any unauthorized access. At 360isecurity Techs Alarm System Installation, you will find an array of premium quality home and business security alarm systems that can detect intrusion right away at any time of the day. We install alarm systems and utilize a balanced combination of internal and external detection devices. Besides the wire alarm system, we also install wireless high-security alarm systems for your home and office.

Different Alarm Kits

We use Bosch alarm systems for all of our installations as they have been one of the top brands in the industry. There are several models and kits. Below are the few top models with a combination of different keypads and PIR which are changeable. You can also add and remove the options. All of the below models can be connected to a Mobile app that helps you to Arm and Disarm the Alarm system from anywhere with an internet connection. You will receive an instant notification if the alarm goes off.  

BOSCH 3000 Kit With Icon keypad + Standard PIR


BOSCH 3000 Kit With 5″ & 7″ Touch pad  Standard PIR


BOSCH 3000 Wireless KIT With 5″ Touch 2 Wireless PIR + Deluxe Keyfob (Ideal For Double Story House)

Expert Alarm System Designers & Installers

You probably have several items at your home that you or other family members are quite fond of, and also they are expensive. Also, you might have several valuable assets at your office, which you obviously do not want to lose or get damaged. If you are seriously concerned about the costly personal belongings and business-specific valuables you possess, installing a top-standard burglar home system is indispensable.

Besides keeping intruders out, a highly responsive and efficacious wired or wireless alarm system prevents unauthorized access to your home or office, reduces theft, minimizes insurance costs, etc. If you run a stationery or grocery store, you can easily prevent shoplifting by installing a business security alarm system.

Since our inception, we have been designing and installing home and business alarm systems. We provide alarm installation services to industrial facilities, goods manufacturing enterprises, warehouses, residential complexes, commercial buildings, technology agencies, and retail establishments.

Professional Installation of Alarm System

We boast professionals who have years of experience and rich expertise in planning, designing, customizing, and installing an intruder alarm system that’s just perfect for your home or business security. To ensure seamless operation and make things highly compatible, our professionals diligently choose place and incorporate every component of an alarm system. You will have complete peace of mind when you avail of our top-grade professional alarm installation services. Our way of installing home or business alarm systems maximizes safety and minimizes security risks effectively.

Top-notch Home & Business Security Alarm System Solutions

Our home and office security alarm system installation experts assess your requirements first and foremost to determine a favorable design for your home and business alarm system. We provide top-quality intruder alarm system solutions to homeowners and business owners.

  • Our alarm system keeps a watch over everyone who enters and exits from residential or commercial premises continuously.
  • It completely minimizes downtime, which occurs owing to improper installation mostly.
  • Our home and business security alarms come equipped with glass break detectors, door sensors, and an alarm keypad.
  • Along with several other home and business security technologies, our alarm system helps offer a comprehensive security solution.
  • The alarm system we install performs 24/7 surveillance of your home or business.
  • We do Security camera installation services as well.

Even after the completion of the alarm system installation, our alarm system installation experts keep working to ensure that your home or business security alarm system functions accurately and renders maximum security benefits.

We Help You Select The Right Burglar Alarm System

Many people get confused and can’t often make the right decision when choosing between a hard-wired alarm system and a wireless security alarm for their homes or offices. Our professional alarm system installers can help you out in making the appropriate selection quickly by assessing your home and business security requirements.

A hard-wired system is relatively secure and quite easy to maintain. It is ideal for large residential and commercial spaces with several apartments or buildings. Installing, using, and upgrading a wireless security alarm system is easy. However, as it runs on batteries, you have to replace the batteries from time to time to ensure that they function properly.

We Repair & Maintain Existing Alarm System

If you already own an alarm system that requires a repair or replacement, get in touch with us. Our professionals have years of experience in repairing, replacing, and maintaining residential and commercial alarm systems. You can hire our alarm system repair and maintenance experts whenever you require them. We offer constant alarm system maintenance services to many households and businesses that allow the installed alarm systems to function without interruption.

You will certainly be able to keep burglars out and prevent unauthorized access to your home or office effectively if you approach us for alarm system installation. To minimize security risks and protect your expensive belongings and assets, hire our professional alarm system installers and maintenance experts. We offer efficient home or business security alarm system maintenance, repair, and replacement services that reduce security interruption effectively.

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